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We are starting our journey with the name “CRATIS” _ A Latin word  *krtis; compare Greek “καλάθι” a kind of basket, “κυρτός” “fishing creel", from root *kert- "to weave, twist together"______ will create significant value in IT , Networking and surveillance sectors. In every company’s history, there comes a time when the need arises, to future-proof the identity of the brand to serve unfolding business opportunities. Today we are here that contributes to the progress through landmark of services which demonstrate far-reaching impact – beyond the realm of imaginations!!!!


The need to select a name is therefore, compelling, to build a better link between the end user and our organisation. Cratis Infratel Pvt Ltd. is our chosen new identity, which encompasses all that we do today and aspire to do in the future.

We offer services that cut across multiple divisions to address various facets of daily needs.

As we foray into divisions, we leverage insights from the experiences of all our qualified staffs. These insights coupled with innovative technology lend us a distinct advantage in taking the challenges head-on.





Creating Landmarks, Building Values.

Big dreams rooted in practicality is what helps us translate our dreams into reality. We are conscious of the fact that every result of each vertical we deliver has an obvious impact on the economy, per capita income and society. We believe ours is a never ending journey of innovation and learning and the body of knowledge from each vertical in which we work on is invaluable in our evolution. And as we create landmarks, we never lose focus on building values.



 "Truthfully assist governments, corporate, societies and individuals in building structures and spaces that will inspire them to give their best. Harnessing the power of the human spirit concurrently with superior technology to optimise value for our clients seeking to be driven by our conscience in every aspect of our business." 


At Cratis Infratel Pvt Ltd. we believe in making commitments based on our conviction and seeing them through ‘no matter what’. The primary goal of Cratis Infratel Pvt Ltd. is to increase stakeholder value. And to us the most important stakeholders are employees who work with us and clients or customers who purchase our products and services.





  • Openness and Trust 
  •  Integrity and reliability 
  • Team work and collaboration 
  •  Commitment
  • Creativity


Corporate Social Responsibility


 Shared responsibility and generosity for the society have long been part of the Indian tradition. The tradition continues at Cratis Infratel Pvt Ltd., where corporate social responsibility is etched in the organisational DNA. It is therefore no surprise that at Cratis Infratel Pvt Ltd., we continuously think of ways to direct wealth from successful business endeavours towards societal development. Our responsibility doesn’t end with mere thinking. Cratis Infratel Pvt Ltd. commits resources and effort.

To ensure that CSR remains an ongoing activity and receives maximum attention, our day to day activities always correlates with a wide range of socio-economic and educational initiatives, Cratis Infratel Pvt Ltd. touches the lives of the unheard and unserved.  




Distinctive Quality:-
A top class performance, highly sensitive to the time frame and a focus on continuous improvement. 

Creativity and innovation:-
No barriers on possibility.

Honesty and integrity in all spheres of our activity resulting into a transparent and open culture of work with complete accountability in execution of tasks.

Team work:-
A perfect blend of individual energies, deep respect for individual esteem, interdependence and a willingness to subdue individual agenda to the team’s agenda.

Positive attitude:-
Positive energies channelized for committed performance for the present and the future. 

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762B, Oscar Vihar, Raghunathpur jali, Nandankan Road, behind Angan Highway, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha - 751024

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